Microchipping for pets

Microchipping: The Best Way To Find Lost Pets

“If only they could talk,” we often say, but this is never more true than when a beloved pet gets lost. How will he or she ever find the way home? A microchip is often the answer. This tiny chip, inserted under the skin, doesn’t make your pet uncomfortable in any way, but it could make the difference between a pet being lost forever and it being returned to you. Talk to us about microchipping your pet.

What Happens When Your Pet Is Microchipped

A small chip about the size of a grain of rice is put under your dogs skin. This microchip is given a number, which will show up whenever your dog is scanned. Our staff who chips your pet will link your contact details to the microchip – which is also a reason to ensure your vet has your latest contact details should these change.

Your details are kept alongside the microchip number on a database, so your pet can be returned safe and sound should they ever get lost.