Unfortunately, with beautiful weather comes rapid growth of vegetation meaning grass seeds are out and about.

 Many common kinds of grass, weeds and flowers all have the potential to disrupt your pet’s outdoor adventures. Sometimes these allergies can be due to contact, while other times their irritating substance can be inhaled. Other plants and fruits are more dangerous when they are eaten. The most common places we find grass seeds caught are in ear canals, in between toes, up nostrils, in eyelids or even behind the eyes

Just like children, pets love to explore and try new things. Dogs and cats often explore by tasting, chewing and rolling on things that they shouldn’t. Plants, flowers and fruits are a common temptation to pets. Unfortunately, many of the common plants, springtime flowers and fruit trees can be found in our backyards, homes and parks have toxins that can be very harmful to our pets in more ways than one.

Here are some ways you can prevent the risk of grass seeds to your dog:

 Avoiding long grass when out walking/exploring (this also helps to minimise the risk of Snake Bites)

 Keeping the grass in your yard tidy and mowed

 Clipping the fur of long-haired dogs. If your dog is prone to grass seeds in the ears or between the toes, then we recommend regular clipping of these areas to keep the hair short at all times

If you think, your pet has consumed something unusual, please contact our team for an appointment.